A couple summers back while vacationing with my family, we came across a painting that caught their eye. The painting was titled “The Seasons,” by David Najar, an artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. We reached out to Mr. Najar and commissioned him to design our group logo. The original artwork is hung in the conference room of our headquarters located in Tampa, FL. This painting represented the four seasons and had many color palates and was very vibrant. A couple years later we hired a professional marketing firm that recommended that I stick to managing money, and let them help create our brand. They helped use the characteristics of the old painting to create our new logo, that would be more easily reproduced and could be more consistent.
The team at All Seasons Wealth is here to serve our clients through rain or shine, up markets and down alike. I like to think that the roots of our tree are like the foundation of our portfolios, similar to the bonds we hold in our clients’ portfolios. The bonds often provide the foundation for our client’s nest egg. The leaves, like seasons, can be cyclical but always come back season after season. We take a holistic approach to working with your family and the future generations of your family and look forward to collaborating with you, no matter the season or stage of your life.

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