Arch is a cloud based hospital management software designed for Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic Center in Bangladesh by Esteem Soft Limited. In this era of information technology, the more technology an organization uses, the faster it succeeds. "Arch" - The hospital management software was started to solve various problems in running our own hospital. Later, in addition to our own hospitals, we have gradually developed the "Arch" to be more advanced and self-sufficient, keeping in mind the problems faced by various hospital authorities in running their hospitals. As a result, the work of the hospital has become easier, shorter time-dependent, digitalized, and time-efficient.

Arch is a central point solution for all departments of your hospital. It is an ideal ERP software for any healthcare organization, through which it is possible to increase efficiency, streamline management, ensure better service delivery to patients as well as increase the organization's profitability by greatly reducing costs. Arch is a unique software to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the officers and employees of the hospital organization by preventing the misuse of time & repetition of the same work over and over again. The Arch also assures you of the overall transparency of all activities.

"Arch" was awarded the 'National ICT Award' in 2019 for its special contribution in modernizing the healthcare sector and smooth running of hospital operations. So from our experience, we can say - Arch will be the most perfect for modernizing your hospital.
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