For mountain buggies built on the current car chassis, the Volkswagen Beetle has generally been used as the base of the buggy, although other cars (such as the Corvire and Renault Dowfin) have been modified. The model's nickname is bug, which partially affects the term "buggy". The Beatle platform chassis was used because the rear engine configuration improves traction, the air-cooled engine avoids the complications and failure points associated with the water-cooled engine, the front suspension is cheaper. And was considered strong. And spare parts - and self-donating vehicles - were cheap and readily available. While there were no bodies in the small alterations of the early dunes, or custom metal bodies of sheet metal (such as EMPI sportswear and similar buggies) were prominent, glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass) bodies, which Were in the 1960s. Made, became the standard image of. Modern buggy, and comes in many shapes and sizes.
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