"David first picked up a camera when he was 13, an old Hasselblad 500c he found while rummaging in his parents' basement. From that first whirring click, David was was hooked.
Since then, David has had his work featured in ""Secret Society,"" a book about the nightclub scene in New York, and shot at The Stand, Butcher's Daughter, Apotheke, and Pulqueria. David's shot influencers in fashion, such as Crystal Yi, designer at Diane Von Furstenberg and New York nightlife stalwarts, Nur Khan, and Simon Hammerstein.
Professionally David's photos are heavily influenced by fashion-based editorial and highlight dramatic lighting choices mixed with classic design. David's clients have raved, ""my headshots came out exactly how I imagined them,"" ""David is creative and a perfectionist."" Either way, you know David is doing something right. "
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