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When we talk about dentistry, we often believe that it starts and ends with cosmetic dentistry like polishing of teeth, removing tartar and plaque and offering services for filling up decayed tooth. These are just but one part of the various services being provided by these professionals. Hence if you are planning to hire the services of the right family dentist Rock Hill SC professional you must have some fair idea about the kind of services which he or she can provide. This will help you to have a better picture and then make up the decision as to whom to visit.

General Dentist

The most obvious professional is the general dentist. He or she is often considered the primary dental care provider. These professionals treat various common problems and needs and they include root canal, gum car, fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges and they also offer preventing education and counseling. All these dentists must have earned the required degree in Dental surgery and Dental medicine respectively. It take around three for getting an undergraduate certificate and another four years to become a general dentist. Further postgraduate qualifications are needed to become a dental specialist.


Then we have endodontists who are very much in demand who treat various problems related to the dental pulp and the nerve of the tooth. They diagnose the causes of such problems and also offer preventive and reactive treatments and also take care of injuries which might cause these problems. They are known to perform various types of complicated and simple root canal treatments and various other types of root procedures that are surgical in nature.

Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine is another important part of dentistry. This is important and very common because it takes care of a patient who could have complicated dental problems and issues. It could involve an integrated approach or oral health care and other forms of medications. They include diagnosis and treatment of various types of oral problems. This could range from oral cancer to candidiasis, from liche planus to aphthous stomatitis and much more. Such oral medicines and evaluation is often done on patients before they go in for open heart surgeries, cancer therapies, chemotherapies and for treatment of other problems for hospital inpatients.

Oral Pathologist

When we talk about an oral pathologist he or she studies and finds out the reasons and underlying causes of various diseases which impact the oral structure. These include cheeks, lips, teeth and jaws and also various parts of the neck and face. They also provide a diagnosis platform for various diseases and conduct biopsies of lesions, tissues and other such abnormal growths sent to them by various oral health service providers.

Apart from the above we also have oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They are experts when it comes to offering total treatments covering the face, jaw and dental areas. They are needed in cases of some genetic defects and deformities and also when the tooth, gum or jaw is damaged because of accidents and other such mishaps. Therefore you have different types of requirements as far as these dentists are concerned.

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