SIMA Organization announced VALDIVIA as Best Upcoming Brand of the Year. VALDIVIA is one of the leading fashion leather goods stores in the UK.    

Being one of the most successful and famous brands in the UK, VALDIVIA understands the requirement of the current youth and that’s why they design trendy leather products for men and women such as jackets. This brand is also famous for its variety of designs in leather wallets. The brand is getting popular quickly because of the material they use and their price range.

The brand is mainly focused on genuine and authentic leather products. All the designs and colors are inspired by the historic culture. VALDIVIA is not the brand where they work to increase the number of products but their main focus is to make designer products in the limited collection by using genuine leather and eye-catchy colors. They are keeping the common youth in mind while designing the products so anyone can buy genuine leather jackets or wallets at the most affordable price. This mindset makes VALDIVIA brand different from other brands.

“For the convenience and demand of the current market, we have categorized our leather products in different colors and patterns. The leather jacket lovers can find high quality and designer jackets in some of the unique colors like Pearl, Rose, Manuela Pietra, Pacha, Gold, Snow, Andon, Sucre, Bolivar, etc…” said Sara, founder and creator of VALDIVIA. “We have designed all our products by doing the deep research of the current fashion industry and the current trends so that we can provide the youth what they want.” 

VALDIVIA’s Achievements:

  • The brand conducted two fashion shows during London Fashion Week. These were the most successful fashion shows of that particular event.
  • In Sept 2021, VALDIVIA won the “Best Upcoming Brand of the Year” award from SIMA Organization, one of the most trusted and reputed organizations of the UK.

About Founder

Sara is the most dynamic and visionary fashion designer and she is the founder and creator of VALDIVIA. She has been living in London, UK from last 13 years. She has had incredible opportunities of academic development in several fields in the UK but finally landed in what she wishes to dedicate her entire time and motivation to. Sara wishes to work fully on her true passion which is her country and the motive of showing the richness of her culture to the world through fashion.


VALDIVIA is specifically introduced to the world to showcase the culture of Ecuadorian and South American. This brand has been developed using innovation and creativity to manifest the splendor that can be produced when combining culture and fashion. The founder is introducing the brand to the world by showcasing the impressive range of products like leather jackets and leather wallets in different big events and people love the designs a lot.

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