If you look through our SERVICES section, you will see that we perform a variety of services you might not immediately associate with traditional towing. We maintain a fleet of trucks that allows us to handle any and every transport job you could imagine, from towing cars to moving huge machinery and more! A flatbed wrecker is one of the safest ways to transport your vehicles. When you Google "towing service near me" you'll discover that KO Towing ranks very highly as a Louisville flatbed towing service. This is partly due to our towing prices and wrecker services being very competitive and our towing service is fast and affordable.
It doesn't matter how difficult your towing or moving dilemma is. Whatever you need, we will knock it out! Our late model flatbed trucks transport your vehicles with great care and safety, no matter how large. We are known for accomplishing whatever mission is assigned to us with a 100% proven track record. We knock it out!
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