Portable Keg Cooler… To Keep Your Keg Cooler! Ice Cold Beer for 24 hours!!! KegCold will improve every special event! Ice cold beer is how every beer should be served. No matter the brand or the type, nothing improves the refreshing taste of beer than making it ice cold. When your keg is tapped, it should pour the same quality and temperature from the first cup until the very last drop. KegCold will make that happen for you with our portable keg cooler that are affordable, portable and extremely easy to set up. In literally 3 minutes, you will protect your kegs temperature and keep the party going for up to 24 hours!
Our keg cooler are durable, light, and can be reused again and again. Your beer has never had a better friend! Our Keg coolers come in 3 sizes: 1/2 & 1/4 Keg Coolers (2 in 1), 1/6th (Sixtel) Keg Coolers and now Single Can size.

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Payment method:
credit cards, paypal
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