How it is possible to generate more than 1000 contacts interested in buying real estate using WhatsApp

The Brazilian real estate market is showing signs of recovery in recent weeks. Amidst the economic crisis that the country is facing, it is difficult to convince people to buy real estate, and especially to make them understand prices.
Also, people nowadays prefer practicality, which is why brokers are increasingly turning to online platforms.
So why not make use of the most famous app in Brazil to attract customers? Whatsapp can be a great tool, and today I'm going to tell you why and show you the tips for you to apply as soon as you finish this reading.

Number of users
About 80% of the Brazilian population has at least one smartphone. This means that the chances of these people having the Whatsapp app installed on their cell phone is very high, a survey was conducted with a certain number of people and in this survey the question was, if you had to choose the only app on your cell phone, which would it be ? and 80% responded zap?
Therefore, a broker needs to be where his customers are. This tool, unlike email, for example, allows for quick, easy and efficient contact.
I want to share one more important number, do you know what open rate is?
As the word already says open rate is likely rate that your customer will open your message. If you haven't stopped to analyze this yet, Whatsapp has an open rate of over 90% and do you know how you can find this number? With a simple question.
How many times do you open your whatsapp a day? You don't know, but you know there are many, because then you need to know how to use this tool and knowing how to use it is not simply putting your customers on a transmission list and sending several messages simultaneously.
The fact that the client and the broker exchange phone numbers, makes that negotiation more personal, which ends up being better for both, but many times the account via whatsapp can be positive or negative, it can approach or even distance, So a simple technique but that works a lot to get closer to your client, it's an audio communication explaining details, without a doubt, an audio expresses much more than a simple text, the audio shows emotion, level of interest, security, trust and the same approaching your client even more, the broker activates the trigger of the relationship.
The first tool is to create a broadcast list, but for that you need contacts, but if you take all contacts from old customers to make this list, you will be creating a cold list, and if you start sending information to a list Loose and disinterested in your information will be considered Spam and the worst thing in the world is receiving messages of something you would not want to be receiving.
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How it is possible to generate more than 1000 contacts interested in buying real estate using WhatsApp
You are required to advertise your mobile number in every way possible. Once this is done, the amount of people who will seek information from you, through Whatsapp, will increase significantly, providing you with a list of hot contacts who asked you to join this list.
And if you don't know or don't know how to create follow the step by step.
The transmission list is an instrument of the application that makes it possible to send a single message, to the desired amount of up to 256 people, which makes life much easier for brokers when making announcements, for example.
To create a list is simple, you will need:
1.Open your broadcast list
2.Press the "Menu Button"
3.Then "Broadcast List Data"
4.On this last screen you can change the name of the list by touching the “Pencil” icon.
You can also add people by tapping the “Add Recipients…” button
From this Whatsapp function, you can segment all your customers, according to what they want. If you have 100 people looking for three-bedroom apartments, create a mailing list that refers you to that name, eg AP3Q (¾ Apartment), and send those customers only what will be of interest to them.
When a potential client is searching for real estate, he is usually doing it during working hours. Therefore, you will not be able to take calls from brokers, or even make them.
Even if the customer is on time, a call requires the person to stop everything they are doing, which ends up harming their comfort. And obviously, personal contact is also the least recommended at these times. That's why contacting through Whatsapp makes life easier for customers and brokers alike. Of course, a face-to-face call and contact at the right time will always be more efficient.
Are you now convinced that Whatsapp can be an excellent tool to attract customers interested in buying real estate? Get started right away!
Spread your number, assemble your customer list, take advantage of the broadcast lists, and you will surely notice sales going up in no time.
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