Is it absolutely imperative in poe currency Bestiary League that you catch them all? The most recent patch to the game makes it easier to catch the rarer beasts of the game by making them, well, show up more frequently. They should also provide more of a challenge and offer better rewards, both of which should be welcome for players who can’t get enough of this particular league. The rarity of Legendary beasts will remain where it presently is.

So, is that all? A small team is still making adjustments to the current league, but according to the development overview, most of the team is now over to working on the next major patch for the game. That will apparently take the lessons from Bestiary League and apply them in a new direction, so players who like capturing beasts should keep their eyes open. (We’re told that these beast antics are quite popular, after all.)

New Unique Items: Harness the power of 29 new Unique Items and completing new Prophecies to transform your items to one of 30 new Fated Unique Items.New Gems: Discover and build around three new gems including the new skill Spectral Shield Throw and the new support gem Summon Phantasm on Kill.Ascendancy Class Revamp: Explore countless new build options with each of our extensively rebalanced Ascendancy Classes.And much more: We've also added a new quest to Act Ten and have made many other small changes including ongoing performance improvements.Click Here

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