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Hand-painted watch art pays homage to Rolex Daytona 6265

Featured watch artist Tamás Fehér returns with his signature style of horological artwork: incredible details rendered in black and white, helping us experience elusive watchmaking craftsmanship, in this case, the Rolex Daytona 6265 Big Red Size Greater than - life format. Fehér even had a custom-made checkered flag because he couldn't find any that would provide the motorsport vibe he was looking for, resulting in a completely hand-finished painting. The best news is that you can purchase a beautiful and affordable print of this watch artwork for your home or office from the ABTW store.

Inspiration: In May 2023, Fehér saw the Rolex Daytona 6265 “Red” for the first time in person and said: “It was then that I decided to paint a picture based on this amazing watch. It was my dream watch project because it was way beyond my budget and also because these vintage Daytona watches are extremely rare. Thankfully I was able to draw it and in the process I could explore the tiniest details of the case and dial details, which makes it so important to me. This is my Daytona Edition II project because it is very similar to the first 6263 drawing I did in 2021. The connection to racing makes sense because These instruments are used on track and on pit walls by drivers and team principals alike, which is why I chose the checkered racing flag to highlight the watch itself.”

We hope you'll agree that the end result is a striking, tasteful piece of hand-painted watch art. Whether you own a modern or vintage Daytona, or any other racing-themed chronograph, our aim with Fehér is to provide you with a legendary, impressive tribute to the watch that defined the world of racing One of the iconic pieces pays homage to the chronograph.

Fehér’s art is precise down to extremely fine details, such as the reflections on the case, bezel and screw-down pushers, as well as the tiniest grooves within the subdials and the serifs on the red “Big Red” Daytona text that define this model. Exquisite timepieces bring the ultimate artistic enjoyment and reach an unparalleled scale of appreciation.

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