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The dipole antenna is also called a doublet or dipole aerial. It is the most common kind of Radio frequency antenna including 2 conductive elements like wires or rods. This antenna produces radiation patterns like an elementary electric dipole.

Military Coaxial Dipole Antenna is a widely used antenna for receiving and transmitting signals. The antenna receives a term dipole because of 2 identical conductive elements like metal wires or rods. In this kind of antenna, the length of a metal wire is half of that of the maximum wavelength in free space of operation frequency.

This blog highlights the term dipole antenna in detail with its components, working process, and design.

What is Dipole Antenna?

We discussed a short section on the dipole antenna above. Now, we will further discuss the meaning of dipole antenna in detail. It is a kind of RF antenna including 2 conductive elements like rods or metal wires.

In this antenna, the conductive materials are divided by an insulator known as the antenna section. This section is situated at the center of the antenna. This section is connected to a feeder or coaxial cable. You will find an RF voltage source in the center of the antenna.

Current and voltage pass through these conductive elements thereby producing radio signals or electromagnetic waves. These waves or signals are radiated out of the antenna.

Voltage in the center portion of a High Gain Military Coaxial Dipole Antenna is minimum and current is maximum. Voltage is maximum and current is minimum at the ends of a dipole antenna.

How does the Dipole Antenna Works?

RF voltage source is applied to the center portion of 2 sections in the UHF Military Coaxial Dipole Antenna. This source helps voltage and current to produce radio wave signals or electromagnetic waves. These waves are radiated outside the antenna.

Voltage is minimum and current is maximum at the center portion of the VHF Military Coaxial Dipole Antenna. On the other hand, the voltage is maximum, and the current is minimum at the ends of an antenna. This is the distribution of current in any dipole antenna.

Dipole antenna turns electrical signals into RF electromagnetic signals. It also emits these signals at the transmitting end and converts RF electromagnetic signals into electrical signals at the receiving side.

Feed impedance in a dipole antenna  

Feed impedance is the most important factor in any Broadband Coaxial Dipole Antenna. The dipole antenna is a balanced antenna in which no sides or parts of the antenna are attached to the earth. You will need a balanced feeder or feed system to balance a dipole antenna.

You can pick any open wire or twin feeder as a balanced feeder in a dipole antenna. Two wires must run parallel to each other for balancing an antenna. Although these feeders are tough to manage with certain objects, they are still used at HF and have low levels of loss. Some feeders may cause a heavy loss due to obstacles such as buildings, trees, or any other large object.

One of the best things you can use is a coaxial cable in a dipole antenna. Coaxial cable is an unbalanced feeder that you can use with a balun. It is balanced to the unbalanced transformer. Balun will take several forms and stops RF to run down the outer part of the cable.

It is necessary to understand the concept of feed impedance while using a dipole antenna. The feed system in the antenna gives rise to maximum power transfer during communication.

Where is the dipole antenna used?

One of the major Dipole Antenna Benefits is that it can be used for many purposes. It can be also used in many complicated antennas to form the main radiating element. This type of antenna is used in several types of radio systems. Besides, this antenna can also be used in 2-way radio communication links and broadcasting systems.

In addition, the antenna can be used for general radio reception and in various other areas. One of the biggest Advantages of the Dipole Antenna is that you can use it with a Yagi antenna for terrestrial TV reception.

A dipole antenna can be also used as a vertically polarized antenna to get omnidirectional signals. Apart from that, the dipole antenna can also be used in private mobile radio. Private mobile radio is a type of 2-way radio communication system used in several businesses and organizations. Moreover, this antenna is used in organizations and companies for emergency services.

Additionally, dipole antennas are widely used in satellite communications and radio astronomy. They are used for satellite TV reception and radio communication links.

You can find the Military Coaxial Dipole Antenna Manufacturer on the web or by visiting the official site of these manufacturers.

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