Our Mission is to inspire kiddies to become comfortable and self-motivated persons by offering them exceptional academic preschool plan in a hot, loving and understanding environment. Our affordable Tuition Cost includes free Snacks, Breakfast and Lunch. Our 6,000 sqft facility is clear, fully air-conditioned with 6 classrooms and split toilets for various age groups. The outside 20,000 sqft playgrounds has plenty of play structures, and protected porch.

We are Qualified by the State of California and provides 18 months to 6 years olds. We are open Mon-Fri, 6.30am to 6pm. We offer Sibling Discount, Potty Training , Birthday Celebrations. We provide Specific pads for every single child. We have Protection Cameras and Fire Sprinklers in most room. Our team has First Assistance, Adult/Child/Infant CPR. We accept Subsidized payment programs. A lot of arts & designs and on the job activities. Fun, Safe, Clear & Educational Environment. Fire alerts & smoking detectors in most room. Daily janitorial service for cleaning and sanitization. All Team has FBI finger-print and Medical/TB clearance.
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