Blackwater is a local boutique store located in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. This store was founded by a mother-daughter team in their garage in 1988. The name was inspired by the founders' favorite song. Since then, they built the boutique store in its current location and they now offer a wide range of products in-store.

Among the products that the boutique store offers include vintage clothing, kitchen supplies, plants, garden and outdoor supplies, home decor and furniture items, stationary, accessories, art supplies, books, kids' items, and more. They also sell seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, ornaments, and cards. The store is like a treasure trove with interesting and unique items waiting for the perfect buyer to find. Blackwater is a brick-and-mortar shop in California but they have an online store that offers global shipping. All items can be shipped to any address worldwide, including their plants.
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