All women dream of having beautiful, perfect hair without having to work for it, but the process takes time. Through Chic extensions, Blonde Highlights Miami would like to let every lady experience the most charming version of herself. Today, everyone can get a good result in just a couple of hours thanks to the newest technologies. Brazilian Keratin Treatment Miami could help you achieve your goal. Over the years, our 12 years of experience with hair extensions has given us a competitive edge in Miami, as well as a loyal following.
Blonde Highlights Miami offers Chic hair tails in our showroom for ladies to match their natural hair seamlessly. Hair extensions are installed and reinstalled without damaging natural hair using Italian micro link hot fusion technology. Each micro link is 0.5 cm from the root and contains 0.7 grams of hair, not overburdening natural hair. Layered micro links prevent hair from tangling while making hair extensions invisible. Invisible keratin bonds match different natural hair colors, enhancing the appearance of hair extensions. It is possible to brush, wash, and style chic hair extensions like natural hair.
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