Most patients with bunions eventually require surgery to resolve the issue, you might not require surgery right away for mild cases of bunions. Our team may recommend orthotic solutions that can accommodate the changing shape of your foot and can reduce the pain you feel when walking. If your case of bunions has progressed and now causes constant pain even when you are not walking, however, the medical professionals at Ideal Foot & Ankle Group will probably recommend a surgical procedure to realign the bones and joints in your foot and to promote the greatest mobility for you. Depending on the severity of your bunions, you may even be a candidate for minimally invasive bunion surgeries that can reduce scarring and can shorten your recovery time after your procedure.
Minimally invasive bunion correction procedures use extremely small instruments and computer imaging to minimize the size of the incision. These procedures are usually only suited to mild bunion issues. For more serious bunions, a bunionectomy is usually performed. This requires the removal of some bone and tissue to allow the big toe to straighten. The bones are also permanently fixed in the correct position to prevent further issues with big toe misalignment.
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