Nothing is as good as removing your shoes off after a tiring workday, workout or running errands and touching your soft carpet on your feet. From the name itself, our carpet cleaning is our profession. We are BBB qualified service as a result of always putting our best effort when offering our cleaning services for all clients. No work is too big or too small for our experienced staff and our equipment are leading-edge. We work by your schedule and do our job quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to put your important appointment to wait to enjoy a fresh carpet. And a clean carpet has so many benefits|And a clean carpet has a lot to offer|Its not just about having a clean carpet|A clean carpet is good for your health too|And a clean carpet can do a lot for your body! Did you know that our materials can actually pick up allergens just as dust mites as well as pet hair from the carpet? This leaves your lungs feeling happy again out of its many other benefits. And what makes Sierra Carpet Care more special is that we provide our precious Carson City carpet cleaning service at a competitive price among other companies.
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