According to research, the Early Intervention Program has been proven to improve the child’s five areas of development. The Early Intervention Program was designed in order to diminish the effects a diagnosis of Autism, diagnosable conditions, or developmental delays may impact a child’s overall development.

These areas of impact can include cognition, communication, social-emotional, adaptive, and the physical areas of development (fine/gross motor). The Early Intervention Program is designed for children from birth (0) to three years of age (3). The earlier the child with a disability or suspected disability can start the program, the sooner the child can attain all milestones needed to attain their functional goals and be integrated into their communities.

The Early Intervention Program is at no out-of-pocket cost to the families. If your child has health insurance, including Medicaid, the insurance will be used to pay for the Early Intervention Services. The Insurance benefits allotted for your child’s medical visits will not be affected by the participation in the Early Intervention Program.

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