Csaba was born a few years after the end of the second World War in Szeged, Hungary. His father Zoltan grew up in Transylvania, which was formerly a part of Hungary. Zoltan grew up struggling, along with 1.5 million Hungarians after World War I, when the region was taken over by the oppressive Romanian government. With love and profound dedication, Zoltan’s widowed, impoverished mother supported his passion and drive to become a physician. During World War II, Zoltan was a physician in the Hungarian military that was pushed forward by the Nazi regime acting as its front line of attack into Russia. He was an inspiration to the many young, inexperienced soldiers and saved many lives during the war. As World War II was ending, the German military destroyed key locations as they retreated through Hungary, while the Russian forces added to the destruction in their efforts to push through Hungary to defeat the Nazi regime. It was under these circumstances that Zoltan ended up in Szeged, in southern Hungary and became a leading trauma surgeon in the city’s largest hospital.
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