4 secret tricks from an educated dealer at Quotex

A time has passed since I began trading on the Quotex platform. occasionally I won, occasionally lost. But I was induced that plutocrat is within my grasp. I only had to find out how to make it be. What I did, was try numerous different strategies and keeping records of them. therefore, I could continue to work on the styles that were working and got relieve of those that were n’t. also came the moment I had noticed commodity was changing in a good direction. My trading was successful whenever I did 4 effects that I want to partake with younow.However, I endured losses, If only I neglected one of those effects. I believe these are my 4 secret way to success at Quotex.

Treat a rally account like a real one

There's one great advantage that the practice account has over the real bone . It's obviously the fact that you don't trade with your own plutocrat and what it further means you don't lose your own plutocrat in case of failure. Every time I want to see if the strategy is effective or not, I would shift to a rally account. I try the specific tactic more than formerly. And only after I'm sure it works as intended, I'll move to the real account and use a given strategy there. also, I'll try not only strategies on the practice account but also different fiscal instruments or the investment quantum for a single trade. I exercise, I try different possibilities and when I know what works and what does n’t, I switch to the real account. And without vacillation, I choose the request, the strategy, and the investment quantum. numerous morning dealers use the practice account as a playground. They invest huge quantities, they use arbitrary strategies, they don't suppose much. It’s not their plutocrat after all. But this is wrong. Don't get used to similar thinking. Treat a rally account like it was a real bone . else, it may bring you real plutocrat in the future.

Using a rally regard the way it was a real one boosts your confidence and trust. It helps you to distinguish the good moves from the bad bones , you get to know the strategies that work well and you come confident it'll work on the real request as well. My advice is to spend vastly long hours of training. Imagine you're an athlete. You spend hours in the spa before you're ready to show your chops. And no matter you lose or win, you go back to the training. You should do the veritably same thing in the trading field. And the great news is there's a free rally account on Quotex.

Stay down from 60-alternate trades

Of course, it's veritably tempting to make 82 of the investment in 1 nanosecond. Indeed the study of similar fast plutocrat makes you smile. But you see, there's a problem. 60 seconds is so short, but also so long. You'll feel anxiety and fear. And these feelings are stealing your rational thinking and leaving you vulnerable. Earning good gains in just 60 seconds can make you too confident. So you would suppose you have set up out the easy way to big plutocrat and you would place further and further plutocrat in a single trade. This is a veritably easy way which can lead to erasing all your former gains. Or worse. You should noway forget that indeed in such a short time as 1 nanosecond, the prices are in a constant change. And indeed a small change in price may affect in a severe loss for you. On the other hand, price oscillations during longer timeframes aren't so profound to make you lose everything. The price will keep changing in short or long timeframes. still, it's easier to dissect the request and prognosticate its direction when using longer timeframes.

Check the trading history constantly

The top rule for every dealer is to minimize losses and maximize winnings. It'll be much easier when you get the chance to review your once trades. The first dealers held a handwritten sale log. Every day they were checking which sale brought a profit and which a loss. Good news? You do n’t need to do it. Quotex provides a tool called simply “ Trades ” where you can see the whole history of your history deals.
Now, what can you conclude from the trading history? First of all, if you made a profit or a loss on that particular day. Second, fiscal instruments generated the loftiest number of profitable trades. also, what strategies work best, and at what time you made the stylish investments? You can, for illustration, discover during trading candles on the EUR/ USD currency brace that the loftiest payouts you admit are between 10 am and 11 am. And thanks to having this piece of information you know when to trade this specific currency brace.

figure and follow the trading plan
In the morning, I did n’t work on any plutocrat- making plan. I just wanted to earn gains trading so I picked arbitrary requests and if one did n’t bring me benefits I shifted to another. I've to admit. It didn't work. In the end, I lost further than 80 of my plutocrat and I said to myself, commodity has to change. I started to follow the way of successful investors and I discovered that they all had a trading plan. That was exactly what I was missing.
Let’s look closer at what such a plan should include.

The first thing to do is to specify the time you want to spend on the Quotex rally account. I decided it would be for 3 weeks. It should be long enough to find out which requests and at what time will bring me the loftiest gains. Another thing is to set the quantum of plutocrats you're ready to put into the trade. As was said before, reviewing the trading history is veritably important. I anatomized every single trade. I wrote my own detailed log where I specified the time, strategies, pointers, instruments, and timeframes I used.
3 weeks had once and I moved into a real account. I made a trading plan that covered details like
The quantum of plutocrat I would put in the deposit
The quantum of plutocrat I would invest in a single trade
Maps and pointers I would use
requests and times I would make deals
The moment to stop trading( for me it was 3 posterior losing trades)
The moment of gains pullout and the chance of the account balance I would withdraw.
This is just a simple illustration of a plutocrat-making plan. I advise that you produce one that stylishly suits your trading style. And overall, make sure that you follow your plutocrat-making plan.

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