Desert Cove Recovery - Addiction Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. A licensed treatment facility specializes in treating chemical dependency & other addictive and mental health disorders, focusing on the underlying causal conditions that lead to the addictive behavior.
Our treatment programs are developed specifically to treat Drug Addictions, Alcohol Dependencies & Co-Occurring Disorders/Dual Diagnosis.
The philosophy beliefs and practices of Desert Cove Recovery Center are to provide holistic, client centered care by identifying the person’s needs and offers treatment in a safe, nurturing, educational environment that seeks to treat the whole person.
Help is here. Recovery starts as soon as you pick up the phone. Just call 877-640-8409.
Our Addiction Treatment Services include:
*Detox Referrals
*The 12-Step Process
*Holistic Treatment
*Extended Care
*Outdoor Therapy
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