When you’re faced with dental pain, rest assured you don’t have to wait days or weeks to find relief! Call our front desk so we can get you in as quickly as possible. Upon your arrival, our dentists can diagnose and treat the source of your pain and consult you on viable options to promptly remedy the problem.
What Is a Dental Emergency?
Call or come in immediately if you need urgent dental care for the following emergencies:
Chipped or broken tooth: If you fall jogging in the park or your child gets hit in the mouth in a sporting accident, it may result in a chipped or broken tooth. If this happens, we recommend you come in as fast as possible to minimize the damage.
Uncontrollable pain: Dental issues often cause unbearable pain not only in the mouth, but also in the face or head. See one of our dentists to stop the pain and treat the underlying problem.
Excessive bleeding or swelling: Excessive bleeding or swelling along the gum line may indicate a major issue. Dental issues can negatively impact your general health — so don’t wait! Come see our emergency dentist today.
Mouth Injury: If trauma to your mouth loosens or knocks out a tooth, contact our office immediately. Our dental team will do everything we can to save the tooth or otherwise resolve your issue.
Call us at (267) 649-4785.
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