New York speaks different languages. Many residents of this city maintain business and personal contacts with foreign partners. Language barrier often becomes an obstacle lying on the path to understanding. A couple dozens of standard phrases are enough to keep up an everyday conversation, but translation of official documents, agreements, technical manuals and other official papers require accuracy and professional skills. Different spheres of life and business require special terminology and even professional buzzwords. Express Language Solutions offers translation services in NYC adhering to high quality of standards. We work with native speakers that have experience in specific industries. We provide of the highest possible quality translation services in New York, performed by native speaker translators with working experience in the related field.
If you are looking for a professional translation services in New York City, you are at the right place. We work with the most widely spoken languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and other languages spoken in the North and Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.
• Personal documents translation
• Technical translation
• Legal translation
• Medical translation
• Academic texts translation
• Economic and statistical data translation
• Social and political documents translation
• Audio/video transcription
Express Language Solutions cooperates with business and we respect their privacy. Your trust is very important to us. For that reason we guarantee strict confidentiality of all the translations we perform.
We offer high-quality translations in New York and other United States of America to the clients who know the value of their time. Express Language Solutions works without any intermediaries and delivers translations in the shortest possible time, often ahead of schedule. If you are lack of time or don’t want to wait long, visit our office right away and order your translations in Brooklyn. We arrange an individual meeting with each client to discuss all the details. Translation rate depends on its volume and turnaround time.
Express Language Solutions closely cooperates with certified translators to provide quality translations at the most reasonable price. The key principles of our work are promptness, accuracy and confidentiality. While working on each project, we always stay in touch with our clients and take into account their wishes and corrections.
As soon as the translation is completed, our professional proof-readers review it and send to the client for approval. The final result has to meet all the requirements of our client, since only after that the work is considered to be done. Visit the webpage Services for more information.
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