For more than 15 years Got moles has been getting rid of destructive moles in western Washington. It all started at our family home, moles had taken over the brand-new lawn that had just been installed, and we were frustrated to say the least. We tried every hardware store method, as seen on T.V. product and wives-tale. Just when we thought we found an effective tool a new mole hill would arise, and the frustration would start all over again. One day we decided to try our hand at trapping. It took us nearly a month to catch our first mole but from that day on we knew what it took to be successful. As we became more proficient, we started helping the neighbors get rid of their moles too. Word quickly spread through our small town that we were the “Mole Guys.” In 2017 Spencer decided to turn the service into a business and Got Moles was born. We have helped thousands of customers rid their lawns of moles and we continue to improve our methods.
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