I graduated from Sunset High School where I was nominated most unforgettable. I think the nomination was because my friend Aaron and I were arrested for trying to save a 100 year old Oak Tree across the street from our school. All we succeeded in doing was pissing some blue collar guys off, getting a chain saw waived at us and arrested. Did I mention we climbed the tree.

After high school I lived in Jewel, Oregon for a while.I took care of 100 acres of forest and ranch. Cattle, horses and a very angry bull filled my days for about a year. Despite my love for the ranch I am just a fool for the city, so I packed up my belongings, a shotgun and my favorite kitten and hitchhiked back to town.

I entered the higher education arena via Portland Community College (Rock Creek). A school that I have advocated for everyday since; accessible to all and reasonably priced. While at PCC I became involved in student government. The various offices I held gave me the opportunity to lobby both state and federal politicians on a variety of educational issues.
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