ILIM school offers a full immersion program that integrates four (4) languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic ) where children learn standard learning concepts IN these languages. English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic are the most widely spoken languages in the world. At ILIM, the lead teachers only speak in the target language, and, over time, children are expected to talk to teachers and peers only in these languages.

Each classroom design aligns with the Montessori and Reggio learning methods. The fully interactive Montessori-Reggio classroom settings inspire children to move about the learning activities with the support and engagement of four (4) native speaking lead teachers (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic). Teachers work collectively to create daily focal points, educational topics, and group activities. The classroom is themed to represent the language that is being taught; all Montessori-Reggio materials will be in the target language. Students will learn the same concepts, but they will be reinforced in the four languages.
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