Jacobs and Jacobs Injury Law Group has been serving Washington State since 1893. Our vision is to passionately protect the rights of the injured. We provide consistent communication with our clients as we feel this reduces stress for everyone. We educate our clients in the process of filing the claim as well as what to expect if a trial occurs. We advocate for our clients as we represent them, safeguard their rights, and by doing our best within the law to secure the most successful outcome for their case. Our team understands the difficulties and confusion that can arise following an injury that was not your fault. We are here to walk you through each step of the injury claim process. Our offices are in Kent and Puyallup. If you are unable to meet in our office, we can schedule appointments by phone, Zoom, or are willing to come to you. Our attorneys here at Jacobs and Jacobs have represented tens of thousands of injured people throughout their careers and are extremely experienced trial attorneys. Our team is here to take away the stress so our clients can focus on the healing process. If you have been injured and would like to discuss your situation, please call us to schedule your free initial consultation today! We truly mean it when we say, “We’ll take it from here!” The longevity and history behind our firm are ways that we truly set ourselves apart. Our family firm has been in practice since the late 1800’s in the Puget Sound area and we are proud to say we have upheld and grown our team and reputation over the years. B.F. Jacobs was the original founder and was followed by his grandson, Edmund F. Jacobs. With the exception of a tour duty during WW1 when B.F. Jacobs served as a troopship navigator, and during WW2 when Edmond F. Jacobs served as a PT boat captain, the Jacobs family offered legal services to the Puget Sound for many years. Upon their return, they continued their practice of law.
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