As a young man growing up in Lloyd Harbor, New York, a small private hamlet north of Huntington Village, my family raised me to be caring and compassionate. Life itself has taught me to help if I’m able, work hard always, and the rest will come. As such, I’ve been rewarded with a great group of friends and a family that is unsurpassed. I have three beautiful nieces, and a very handsome, precocious nephew. My family is extremely close which we think is fine but most find unusual. I have a great fascination with photography and have been taking pictures for most of my life. I love animals and am currently the parent of a beautiful, deaf dog/son, Blu. (BLU). He is my life and brings me unfathomable amounts of love and affection. Knowledge of the industry is second hand at this point, having been in the real estate business for nearly 25 years. I have worked in almost all areas within the industry and worn many hats including Mortgage Broker and Title Closer. I have represented bank attorneys on various transactions, closed co-ops, condos, and residential properties. This understanding and love of helping clients has guided me to another chapter in my real estate career. Feel free to contact me as I look forward to assisting you in reaching your real estate goals and welcoming you into our community.
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