Lanturn is a premier corporate services firm based in Singapore, offering an extensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and investment funds. With services ranging from Incorporation for both locals and foreigners, Corporate Secretary, Accounting, Immigration & Visas, to KYC & AML compliance, Tax, Payroll, and the innovative Launch with Lanturn program, Lanturn is dedicated to supporting businesses through every stage of their growth journey. Additionally, for investment funds, Lanturn provides specialized services such as Fund Formation, Fund Administration, and KYC & AML compliance, ensuring that funds are not only compliant but also well-positioned for growth and success.

A key advantage of partnering with Lanturn is its large team of experienced professionals. This team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various domains, enabling Lanturn to offer bespoke, strategic solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities of each client. Lanturn’s commitment to excellence is evident in its proactive approach, ensuring that all solutions are not only compliant with current regulations but also strategically aligned with each client's business goals.

Furthermore, Lanturn’s growth and development are significantly supported by a robust network of investors. This investor confidence not only underscores Lanturn's reliability and potential for innovation but also enables the firm to continuously enhance its service offerings and expand its capabilities. The backing from a broad base of investors reflects the trust in Lanturn’s business model, its service quality, and its capacity to adapt and thrive amidst changing market dynamics.

Clients choosing Lanturn gain more than just a service provider; they gain a dedicated partner committed to their success. With Lanturn, businesses and funds can confidently tackle regulatory compliance, financial management, and operational efficiency, enabling them to focus on their core activities and strategic goals. Lanturn’s comprehensive service offering, combined with its team of experts and strong investor backing, positions the firm as an invaluable ally for companies and funds aiming to thrive in the competitive global market.
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