Are you facing a serious federal tax problem? Have you been notified by the IRS that you may have an unsettled tax debt? Think you might benefit from the services of a tax expert or lawyer to help provide some relief? If so, it is time for you to secure experienced and aggressive representation. At Leading Tax Group, our top tax experts (including lawyers, Former IRS Auditors, Enrolled Agents) are committed to working with you and providing you with the information, advice and consultation that you need.

Our firm has clients from all over California who turn to us when they need tax advice and Representation. Our agency will provide you with the best assessment and services in all of California from Encino to Pasadena, and from Beverly Hills to San Diego. Our team of experts are experienced and will be happy to sit down for an assessment to help you better understand your tax situation and provide you with the representation and help you need. Whether it’s Tax Representation services, a consultation with an accountant or just advice that you need, we are at the top of the game.

Our Experienced Tax Experts (Consisting of a Former IRS Tax Attorney, Retired IRS Auditor & an Experienced Tax Accountant).
We Assign an ENTIRE TEAM of Experts to Achieve the best results on EVERY case in California and nationwide and are able to help you prepare
your case and present it for you in front of the IRS or any other tax agency. We work hard to ensure our services are affordable for everyone.

Leading Tax Group assigns a dedicated team to EVERY case. Our team includes a former IRS Tax Attorney with over 40 years of experience, a retired IRS Auditor, and one of our experienced accountants to achieve the BEST results allowed by law.

Leading CA Tax Experts (Including Attorneys) Help Fight IRS Audits
IRS Revenue Officer Showed up at My Door!
IRS Wage Garnishment
Past Due IRS State Tax Returns Experts (whom include Attorneys & Auditors) in CA
EDD or Employment Development Department Tax Audit Experts (Whom include Lawyers)
Personal Tax Settlements Experts (whom include Attorneys)
Business Tax Settlement Experts (Including Lawyers)
Declaring Foreign Bank Account or FBAR
California Department of Tax and Fee Administration Audit
Board of Equalization Audit
IRS Bank Levy Concerns
Marijuana Tax Audit
Marijuana Tax Settlement
Cryptocurrency Tax Experts
Bitcoin Tax Expert
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