Growing up, I was surrounded by art and photography. My
grandparent was a well-known artist and my dad was into photography. I spent a lot of my childhood watching my dad make films in a dark room, and as a result, cameras and film became a natural part of my life.
When I went to university, I picked up a camera and started
experimenting with photography. My love for photography continued to grow as I had the opportunity to travel the world and explore the beauty of different cultures. I discovered that I had a talent for capturing the everyday moments of people in a delicate way that made their personalities shine.
In my free time, I am an avid reader and have a wide variety of hobbies. I enjoy crocheting, learning new skills, and picking up new hobbies. I am always looking for new challenges and ways to grow.
As I continued to pursue my passion for photography, I found myself becoming more and more drawn to both natural lighting & studio lighting (how to mix them to create artistic photos) and developing a knack for capturing soulful moments for my clients. I am told by my clients for my ability to capture the beauty and essence of my subjects in a unique and delicate way.
Here at Mon Soleil Photography, I specialize entirely in baby, maternity, cake smash, and family photography.
We have a home studio in North York, Toronto Hertfordshire, which is easy to reach from the GTA region.
Take a look at the types of photography I offer and a look at our North York studio.

Name: Mon Soleil Photography
Address: 31 Tippett Rd, Toronto, ON M3H 0C8, Canada
Phone Number: +16478073579
Gmail: info@monsoleil.ca
Website: http://www.monsoleil.ca/
GMB: https://goo.gl/maps/89m5PuxvBJqX4T4J7
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