Whether you’ve been suffering from acute or chronic neck pain at Neck Pain Treatment Specialist Doctors NJ, we carefully assess each patient and develop the most appropriate, customized, treatment plan to meet their needs.At Neck Pain Treatment Specialist Doctors NJ, we take a unique, collaborative, holistic approach to pain relief that provides you with timely exceptional care, from diagnosis to recovery.While often neck pain can be due to a strain or pull, it can also stem from the spine. Neck pain affects the cervical region of the spine and can be due to an injury, pinched nerve, back condition, spine condition, or many other factors. The cervical area of the spine provides mobility to the neck and is made up of multiple connecting joints, discs, muscles and ligaments. Migraine headaches are common in patients with neck injuries or neck conditions.Causes of Neck Pain Our team of Neck Pain Specialists at Neck Pain Treatment Specialist Doctors NJ is focused on finding the cause of your neck pain and helping you find the best neck pain treatment option available. Neck pain can be the result of numerous conditions connected to the back and the spine as well as neck injuries and trauma.The most common causes of neck pain seen by the neck pain doctors at Neck Pain Treatment Specialist Doctors NJ include; Spinal Stenosis of the neck, Herniated Discs in the neck, Degenerative Disc Disease of the neck, pinched nerves in the neck due to a neck injury or accident and Whiplash.Call us at (551) 230-8908.
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