Pinched Nerve Treatment & Relief NJ give its patients excellent service through customized pain management treatment plans. Conditions like pinched nerves can trigger chronic pain and discomfort, and our team can determine the right way to treat your condition. This can mitigate the pain that prevents you from living your best.Why do I have compressed nerves?A pinched or compressed nerve (also known as radiculopathy) can develop when excess pressure from surrounding muscle, bones, and other tissues compresses on one or more nerves in the area. This pressure can disrupt a nerve from functioning normally and trigger pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness.Pinched nerves can be caused by arthritis, injury, obesity, a herniated disc, and repetitive motions. While minor cases can resolve on their own and heal in a short period of time, other patients require further treatments to avoid permanent nerve damage. At Pinched Nerve Treatment & Relief NJ, you can work with a pinched nerve specialist to manage the pain and prevent damage from worsening and becoming permanent.Why you need a pinched nerve specialistPinched nerves can stem from a number of causes, so treating nerve pain doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the cause of your pinched nerves, what triggers your chronic pain can vary. That’s why having a pain specialist create a customized pain management plan can help you achieve the relief you need to perform everyday tasks without experiencing discomfort.
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