Stop in for a psychic/intuitive/tarot reading in this cozy, enchanted space. Appointments appreciated, but walk ins are welcome. Meet the readers and find one that resonates with you.
Need a little more magic in your life? Please join us midweek, every week. We are available for walk-ins and appointments as well for all your magic needs. Consultation and energy work? Building relationships with herbs, crystals, and other tools of the trade? We have you covered.
Have you ever wanted a safe place to discuss your beliefs? Ever craved the ability to talk about things like twin flames, karma, soul connections, past lives, ancestral work, ghosts, divination, and more?
Welcome to all levels of interest and practice, to have an open forum/round table style chat about topics such as:
Spiritual hygiene and keeping yourself safe
The karma wheel and how all actions are positive and negative
Ancestral veneration and how to call in those who know us best
Trauma healing in a spiritual setting
Spiritual bypassing and other nonsense in the spiritual community
Call us at (959) 666-9108.
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