Welcome to Rango’s Tex-Mex & Grill, where the Rosa Family's passion for authentic Mexican cuisine meets Texan culinary finesse! Nestled in the heart of Vienna VA, our establishment embodies the fusion of traditional Mexican flavors and Texan influences curated by the esteemed Rosa Family. Our menu showcases an array of tantalizing dishes, including flavorful tacos, sizzling fajitas, and zesty enchiladas, each a testament to our dedication to exceptional dining. With a commitment to using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, every dish at Rango’s Tex-Mex & Grill encapsulates the essence of Mexican gastronomy. Join us to experience our inviting atmosphere, exceptional service, and the harmonious blend of flavors defining our signature dishes, promising an unforgettable celebration of the best in Tex-Mex cuisine.
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