Rapid Test NYC offers a broad spectrum of clinical laboratory testing-all designed to provide physicians and their patients with the most accurate and diagnostically meaningful results.

Our Unwavering Mission. We consistently provide high-quality medical laboratory services using the most advanced technologies. We place the needs of each individual patient first. We emphasize courtesy, compassion and professional expertise. We are always looking to optimize the accuracy of testing, the promptness of service, and our responsiveness to clients' needs.

Rapid Test NYC the most reliable testing center.

What we do:

Fast Results: Receive your accurate results within minutes of taking the test.
Professional Evaluation: Get screened and evaluated for symptoms by the best in the business.
Safe Environment: Visit a clean, cautious and safe space that is compliant with all regulations.
Concierge Testing: Get yourself or your group tested at the comfort of your home.

All tests must be paid in full by credit card . A receipt can be provided for submission to insurance companies.

We will supply receipts for your insurance carrier. Get your Rapid COVID Tests submitted for reimbursement by your insurance carrier so that you are covered even in the most uncertain of times.

Call us at (917) 639-3060.
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