Savvy Cats is a family-owned cattery that breeds and sells healthy, beautiful, and friendly Maine Coon and Sphynx kittens. Located in Douglasville, Georgia, Savvy Cats has over 20 years of experience in raising and caring for these unique and lovable cats. Savvy Cats offers a variety of colors and patterns, as well as a health guarantee, a contract, and a lifetime of support for their kittens. Savvy Cats is dedicated to providing the best quality and service to their customers and their furry friends.

Services provided:
A comfortable and safe space for each cat, with bedding, litter tray, food, and water.Access to indoor and outdoor play areas, with toys, scratch posts, tunnels, and structures for the cats to enjoy. Regular feeding, grooming, and cuddling, according to the cat’s preferences and dietary needs. Medication and special care, if required, with the owner’s consent and instructions. Health guarantee, contract, and lifetime support, for catteries that also breed and sell cats.
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