Safety and efficiency:
We use proven environmentally friendly formulations that are safe for people and pets.
The cleaning agents used do not contain aggressive additives. Both synthetic and natural carpet pile compositions return to their original (or close to it) appearance.
Experience and knowledge:
Before starting work, each master is trained in chemical compositions and their competent use on all types of upholstery.
Constant practice and study of new compositions allows us to improve the work of the masters.
The equipment used in the work is recognized all over the world.
Prices and guarantees:
The price named by the master is final and will not change regardless of the time and money spent.
It will be calculated according to the true needs of each and every one of our clients.
In each case, the master from Silk Rug and Carpet Cleaning NYC selects the optimal composition and method for removing dirt on the carpet. This takes into account the features of the material and base from which the product is woven or glued. We use certified chemicals that are completely removed from the fabric by rinsing, conditioning and wringing out the carpet. The equipment of world brands, used by our specialists, is responsible for this. Reliable cleaning agents remove dirt very delicately while preserving the surface.
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