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Marcus Aurelius, the revolutionary new Damascus knife series from renowned German knife company Sternsteiger, is live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success story having nearly tripled their initial raise goal in under a week.
There is nothing quite like the experience of handling and using a genuine, hand-forged Damascus knife for preparing food. It is not only a visually beautiful steel, but one also feels a sense of history when wielding one, with its more durable and effective cutting capabilities. Sternsteiger is an esteemed company still hand-forging beautiful Damascus knifes in a state-of-the-art facility in Solingen, Germany. The company’s latest innovative series, the Marcus Aurelius, blends the past with the future to offer the world’s finest Damascus kitchen knives.
“Imagine your future hand-forged Damascus knife series being stainless steel and with the latest design by a renowned household designer,” says founder and CEO Bastian Noffer on the inspiration behind the project. “Combining traditional & modern design along with improved forging ingredients makes our latest Marcus Aurelius Series a true standout amongst a small handful of real Damascus forge manufacturers.”
The Marcus Aurelius series consists of four knives in both stainless, and non-stainless steel: a regular western Chef’s knife, a bread knife inspired by the blade of a Japanese saw, a traditional Japanese Nakiri style knife and a small vegetable knife inspired by a Japanese Santoku knife. In addition, the series
offers a meat fork in the same unique design. The blades are hand-forged in 440 layers of folded steels and are presented beautifully in one of two Damascus options— Twist & Raindrop patterns.
“SternsteigerStahlwaren has fronted all the R&D and prototyping costs and is now looking for support from the crowdfunding community to help fund production and the launch of this unique combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship,” adds Noffer.
Marcus Aurelius by Sternsteiger is currently live and available to support on
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