What can a tarot reading tell me? What can I ask?
A tarot card reading is a sacred and powerful tool that offers insight and guidance for our individual life circumstances. It is an opportunity to access parts of your being that may be hidden, unacknowledged or wanting expression. It is a shared experience where we work together to uncover the answers to any questions you may have and help to find ways to restore balance and clarity in your life.
Questions can span a range of topics including; love, career, health, family, relationships, spiritual purpose or any other areas that may be coming up for you. The more specific a question, the more specific an answer. If you have no specific questions, then a general reading can be done which is a projection of the future from your present.

Often, when we make different choices in our present, we change the outcome of our futures. If you are having difficulty making a decision between many options, then a pathways spread can be done that uncovers what lies within each of these options. It is important to understand that a reading gently unlocks doors of options for you to take, but which way you choose is ultimately made by you.
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