Dragon Oath Kiem Vu is a game adapted from the famous martial arts novel by Jin Yong, rich in Chinese culture and tradition. Players will immerse themselves in the magical, vibrant world of martial arts, with legendary love stories, thrilling battles, and stunning landscapes of Song, Liao, Dali, Western Xia, and Tibet. The game features a diverse sect system, including nine sects with unique martial arts skills, allowing players to experience beautiful martial arts techniques. The sharp graphics, lively sound, and expansive maps with many mysterious landmarks will always keep players feeling surprised and excited. The game also integrates a guild system, professions, trading, mounts, and a variety of pets, providing a realistic and lively experience in the martial arts world. By joining Dragon Oath Kiem Vu, players not only entertain but also have the opportunity to make friends with many martial arts heroes, learn and develop skills to become outstanding characters in the martial arts community. Website: https://tlkiemvu.com/
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