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Q: How do I know your service is reputable and I won’t be charged more than I agree to?
A: We want to respond to this question in two parts:
First, we never want anyone to spend beyond their means or face financial difficulties because of our service. Our service should leave you feeling good, not worried about money. We all like to treat ourselves to something special every now and then. We hope we’ll always be one of your little luxuries, but never an expense that you feel guilty over.
Second, we make sure you know what you are spending before you receive a psychic reading. We tell you what each Advisor’s rate is per minute. We tell you how much money you have in your account. You cannot speak to the Advisor if you don’t have enough to cover a reading. Once you get a reading, you are only charged for the amount of time you spent with your Advisor. You will have the choice to add more dollars to your account if you want a longer reading. There are no hidden fees and we do not bill charges to your phone.
Q. How do I know your psychic service is legitimate and trustworthy?
A: At Trusted Tarot Charlotte, we pride ourselves in being the most trustworthy source of genuine phone and online psychic guidance, and we’ve built our reputation on authenticity and trust. Our Satisfaction Guarantee, rigorous psychic screening process, close contact with our gifted Advisors, attentive Customer Care team, and active involvement of our customers in rating and reviewing our psychics ensures that your experience with our service is safe, welcoming, enjoyable and risk-free.
We know from our own direct experience using other avenues of psychic guidance that this is not the norm in this industry. We’ve put together an infographic which highlights a few common psychic scams and helps people distinguish between disreputable psychics and honest, well-established and highly regarded services like Trusted Tarot Charlotte.
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