US Technology Media Inc., is a top tier supplier of various medias to the Military, Aerospace, Electronic, Mold Cleaning, Automotive, Marine and many other industries. US Technology Media does more than just supply media that rapidly removes coatings from delicate to hard surfaces, UST Media also offers technical support for applications, media, and equipment. They have trained instructors in the field that can come to your facility and help with technical support that is beneficial to your entire operation. In addition, they offer parts testing to determine the right media for your application and a certified training program for your employees at your facility or theirs.
You can contact them for any enquiry or help at https://www.ustmedia.com/contact.html
They are the Top supplier of Poly Extra Type V Paint removal, Poly Plus Type VI Paint Stripping, Poly V Urea Plastic Media Sizes, POLYPLUS® - TYPE II - UREA, Magic Mold Blast Composite Stripping, Magic III 10-60 Thin Skin Aluminum Paint Stripping, etc.
MAGIC II® 10/30 Aerospace SuperStrip is designed for coatings removal on aerospace landing gear and other heavy cast aluminum parts where extreme temperature has hardened the coatings causing difficult removal. MAGIC II® 10/30 Aerospace SuperStrip removes coatings twice as fast previously used products with no damage to the substrate or protective coatings (i.e.; alodine or anodizing.) This product is 100% thermoset polymer blend. Sizing may be varied to accommodate needed application.
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