iTeracare Wand an authorized independent distributor of Prife International to ensure your product's warranty and authenticity. Our iTeracare New Jersey, USA distributor provides free shipping and handling to US customers.
iTeracare is a new device with patented technology using heat and sound waves. It uses Scalar Wave, Terahertz Frequency, and Optical Quartz technology.
At the same frequency as regular human cells, terahertz produces millions of vibrations per second, activating healthy and dormant cells while eradicating unhealthy cells and free radicals.
Delivers Scalar Wave Energy that strengthens the body, energizes cells, harmonizes bodily systems, strengthens the body, produces healing energy, and penetrates deeper into the vital organs.
Optical quartz amplifies the energy produced by the device to create a more powerful result. equivalent to one-fourth of sunlight’s UV energy. As a result, the auric fields of the body are strengthened.
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