Atlanta School board candidates speak to community at runoff forum

Education - The Atlanta Voice 11/29 4:53P Isaiah Singleton
Atlanta School Board Seat 7 At-Large  candidates,  Alfred “Shivy” Brooks  (left) and incumbent  Tamara Jones  participated in a runoff forum as a last attempt to talk to voters and community Wednesday...

State rolling out new literacy initiative

Education - The Atlanta Voice 11/13 8:11A Dave Williams and Capitol Beat N
ATLANTA – The Georgia Department of Education is launching a literacy initiative aimed at both improving literacy among students and training educators on the science of reading. The Georgia Literacy...

General Motors Company becomes newe sponsor of HBCU Week

Education - The Atlanta Voice 11/2 2:51A Menra Mapfumo
HBCU Week has gained a new sponsor. The General Motors Company (GM) has joined many other sponsors in HBCU Week s mission to, “to encourage high-school aged youth to enroll into HBCUs, provide...

ACT Scores for Black Kids Drop to New Lows

Education - The Atlanta Voice 10/17 10:08A Aziah Siid
From annual high-stakes state testing to high school exit exams, standardized testing is a part of student life in the United States. In the case of tests like the SAT and ACT, these exams, typically...

Georgia Reading Corps and Math Corps Expand Throughout State

Northside Neighbor (Education) 10/17 2:15A By Rachel Kellogg @RachelNBR
Georgia Reading Corps and Math Corps are expanding across the state for the 2023-24 school year. The AmeriCorps tutoring programs, which place tutors at local schools to provide students extra support and skill-building, are looking for 200...

We Need to Talk About Preschool Suspensions

Education - The Atlanta Voice 10/9 2:00A Maya Pottiger
Officially, 50,000 preschoolers are suspended annually. But there are a lot of unofficial actions taking place. “You have to promise me that you’re going to make sure he doesn’t get kicked out of...

Florida Isn’t the Only State Banning Books

Education - The Atlanta Voice 10/3 8:37A Aziah Siid and Maya Pottiger
What student doesn’t want to see — or read — characters that remind them of themselves, their loved ones, and their own experiences ? But this concept is fueling a raging war on the written word...
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