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Food Allergy Sufferers Use Safe Dining Tips for the Holidays

Food Allergies Atlanta 11/14 2:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
The holiday season and good food go hand-in-hand, but for anyone with a food allergy, dining can be fraught with danger. If you rely on milk, egg, peanut or tree nut treatments to prevent risk, the traditional holiday dining experience might be a...

What Should I Do if I Suspect a Shellfish Allergy?

Food Allergies Atlanta 10/24 2:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
As a common cause of severe allergic reactions, shellfish can be a threat to people of any age. For those at risk, shellfish allergy management is critical for preventing anaphylaxis. But what steps should people in the Atlanta area take if they...

Tips for Avoiding Food Allergies This Halloween

Food Allergies Atlanta 10/10 2:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Halloween excitement is already starting to build, but for many Atlanta parents, preventing a food allergy scare is their biggest concern. And as always, professional food allergy testing and allergist-prescribed treatments are the two most...

What Are the Links Between Pollen Allergies and Food?

Food Allergies Atlanta 9/26 12:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
As one of the most common allergies, the signs of hay fever caused by pollen are known to many people. However, the cross-reactive condition called oral allergy syndrome (OAS) is less widely understood – OAS is also referred to as pollen-food...

Back to School Tips for Kids With Food Allergies

Food Allergies Atlanta 9/12 3:20A Dr. Thomas Chacko
The start of the school year can be a daunting time for children with food allergies. As a provider of food allergy treatments in Atlanta , we regularly help children who have faced allergy issues at school. And while the threat of an allergic...
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